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Un Two Drei

Un Two Drei (2023) is an audiovisual work created together with Wiet Lengeler commissioned by the 25AV platform.

Revelation Man

Revelation Man is the name of a synthpop project consisting of myself and Ian Memgard.

Broadcast Works

In 2022 I partcipated in a moderated conversation with George Lewis and performed  a score for table and laptop as part of MärzMusik. The recording can be heard here.

A Bisl Jiddischer Radyo
(2020) is a feature on Yiddish radio art and dadaist poetry, produced for Cashmere Radio’s programme at Lehbachhaus in München.

Invisible to My Ear (2019) is a radio work produced for Cashmere Radio’s collaboration with Wolf-Kino about moments of cinematic silence. How does silence function as a dramaturgical element when stripped of visual context? Using citations from films ranging from The Wizard of Oz (1939), Psycho (1960), and The Conversation(1974), the piece investigates silence as a character and what can bring to sonic storytelling.

The Theatre of the Cosmic Egg present: Kryogenic Christ (2019) is a radioplay made in collaboration with Punished Abbot, presenting a melange of cinematic, literary and musical selections on the topics of snow and cold.

Instruments & Software

I build instruments and audio tools for myself, other artists, and commercial companies. Portfolio available upon request.