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Wilted Woman is the primary alias of composer/performer Elizabeth Davis. Her work often uses the interplay of technological limitation, algorithmic processes, and human expression/intervention as subject matter. Davis’ output since 2014 under the WW name resists easy categorization, ranging from minimalist electroacoustics and chamber music to harsh noise and dance music. In addition to her solo work, she regularly collaborates with Silvia Kastel as Shakey, with Christoph de Babalon as Suds, and with Nick Klein.

As a solo artist and collaborator, Davis has released over 20 records to date on labels such as Alien Jams, Primitive Languages/Psychic Liberation, Phantasy, and Palto Flats. She has presented her work at venues and festivals including Sonic Acts, Cafe Oto, Transmediale, ZKM, Fylkingen, MaerzMusik, Triennale Milano, Südwestrundfunk, and 3HD Festival.

Davis also works as a sound designer, engineer, and radio producer. She previously ran a label called untergang-institut and co-curates a monthly concert series at KM28 with Bridget Ferrill. As a private person, Davis builds all kinds of instruments and lectures on sound-adjacent topics, most recently at the UdK Berlin. She lives in Berlin, Germany.

What’s Her Secret? (Psychic Liberation, 2024)
Songs in the Key of Wilt
(Hot Releases, 2022)
IMWW (Do You Have Peace?, 2022)
Glossy Center (Phantasy, 2022)
Keychain (Unifactor, 2021)
Gekachelt (Antibody, 2021)
Cafe Music 2: Werwolves of London w/ Nick Klein (Alien Jams, 2020)
JedeR Rätsel hat eine Lösung (Plastic Bags, 2020) 
Shakey w/ Silvia Kastel (Palto Flats, 2020)
Sick Universe Demands Sharing w/ Christoph de Babalon (Anno, 2020)
Tropical Malaise (Primitive Languages, 2019)
Cafe Kotti w/ Nick Klein (Alien Jams, 2019)
Lon Lon Night Vision (Phantasy, 2019)
Trapezoid Tappers (Plastic Bags, 2018)
Watching the Psycho (Primitive Languages, 2018)
Home Listener (Alien Jams, 2017)
Diary of a Woman (She Rocks!, 2017)
Responsa (Private Archive, 2016)
Singspiele (Birdfriend, 2015)
Bio Inspo (MORE Records, 2015)
Demon World Visit (Stenze Quo, 2015)
Bad Seeds (Wicked City/Untergang-Institut, 2014)
Fluid (Primitive Languages, 2014)