04 June 2021


  1. Wet Whistle
  2. Keyloser
  3. Yanny
  4. Twofish Can
  5. Another Set of Keys
  6. For Your Information
  7. DSDD
  8. Spidey Logic
  9. Swat
  10. Pickleman

Label: Unifactor
Format: Cassette, Digital
Artwork: Christina Carter

Berlin-based artist Elizabeth L. Davis has been making reality-warping electronic music under the alias Wilted Woman for the better part of the last decade, in addition to regular collaboration in multiple other projects. She's released over 20 records on various labels, and Keychain (her Unifactor debut) is ten quickly-mutating pieces that fluctuate between eroding dance tracks and synthetic error messages.

Press / Reviews:
On Keychain, one of the few releases on Unifactor by an artist based in Europe, [WW’s] left-field approach to techno is as much indebted to Cluster as it is Drexciya. The sleeper highlight “Twofish Can” is populated by bubbly synths and warped, modal melodies, while opener “Wet Whistle” makes good on its name by pairing crisp drum programming with woozy, high pitched electronic whirls.
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'Keychain' balances an uplifted, yet one-foot-one-the-ground sombre mood of ruff chug, steppin' drums, and tripped out arpeggios via worlds of weird-synthesis shot through a myriad of major and minor moods.
Neon-coloured synth sounds light the way through jump & run landscapes - do the double jump, but don't fall down that gap! - with enough drums, madness and bursts of noise to dust off your mental cobwebs and make you grit your teeth whilst you reveal that smile.

From the gnarly shuffle of dancehall'd drum shots, crispy arpeggios and sky blue chords of 'Keyloser', through to the 8bit dreamworld navigations of Twofish Can, the scale-climbing avant-retarde of 'Another Set Of Keys' (which'll set your head straight for the final announcement of Side A 'For Your Information') and through to a whole heap of 'what the fukk is this!?' type bangers on the B side (Spidey Logic! shiiiii')....

....It's all very good stuff, full of fun and actually pretty damn tough at the same time.
A hard balance to strike - but Wilted Woman does it real nicely.


This website collects the work of the person known alternately as WILTED WOMAN, DJ PUDDLE, BOBBY MARACUJA, and E DAVIS.


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