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Solo Releases

JedeR Rätsel Hat Eine Lösung (Plastic Bags, UK, 2020)
Songs in the Key of Wilt (Self-released, 2020)
Tropical Malaise (Psychic Liberation, Netherlands, 2019)
Lon Lon Night Vision (Phantasy Sound, UK, 2019)
Watching the Psycho (Primitive Languages, USA, 2018)
Trapezoid Tappers (Plastic Bags, USA, 2018)
Home Listener (Alien Jams, UK, 2017)
Diary of a Woman (She Rocks!, Germany, 2017)
Responsa (Private Archive, USA, 2016)
Singspiele (BirdFriend, Japan, 2015)
Bio Inspo (More Records, USA, 2015)
Demon World Visit (Stenze Quo, Belgium, 2015)
Bad Seeds (Wicked City, USA, 2015)
Fluid (Primitive Languages, USA, 2014)
Beige Hell (Wicked City, USA, 2014)
Erzfeind (Wicked City, USA, 2014)

Select Appearances

Sick Universe Demands Sharing (Anno, USA, 2020)
Café Kotti (Alien Jams, UK, 2019)
Destination Earth (Destination Earth, Benelux, 2017)
Bizaarbazaar01 (Bizaarbazaar, USA, 2017)
Dille (Stoscha, Germany/Sweden, 2017)
Party Mit Musik III (Workcentre 232, Netherlands, 2016)
MDM C (MMODEMM, Germany, 2015)
opensignal compilation (opensignal, USA, 2014)