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Welcome to my website and happy New Year!

The next episode of Deep Puddle will air on 26 January 2021 at 18h CET. I am very excited that Hand of Food will be the special remote guests for this episode and would very much recommend their new album Swimming Mindlessly on ever/never records.

I have heard rumours that copies are going fast for the Shakey and Suds EPs so if you haven’t heard them but you like my music and/or Silvia Kastel and/or Christoph de Babalon, you should probably check them out.

Cafe Music 2: Werewolves of London will never run out of copies because it is a digital release but it is still worth a download... thanks Chloe for humouring Nick and I and having us down to London last summer to jam this one out :)

Last but not least, I made a CD last year (solo) for the impeccably curated Plastic Bags label called JedeR Rätsel hat eine Lösung. If you are into CDs, I am quite proud of it.

Thanks for listening!