Watching the Psycho

“With a tight 4/4 kick, "Böse Mango" is more straightforward than Wilted Woman's usual rhythms. But the track still has the enchantingly weird hallmarks we expect from her, as an oscillating 8-bit-style synth floats with the grace of a flute over a sassy bassline. Near the end of the track, the 4/4 evaporates and we're left with synths twirling in the air alone. The sludgy "Sorry" and "Onwon" complement each other with clacking percussion, creeping synth sequences and saturated melodies. Watching The Psycho captures the duality of functional music and the frantic synth experimentations that make Wilted Woman's live sets exhilarating.” - Aurora Mitchell

Label: Primitive Languages
Format: 7”
18 January 2018