Tropical Malaise

02 December 2019


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Label: Primitive Languages
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Artwork: Domingo Castillo

Two artists who have consistently orbited among PL have been Domingo Castillo and Wilted Woman. In 2017, Castillo began commissioning scores for what we be a trilogy of films utilizing sourced footage, text, and
sound that gave commentary and reflection on environmental and speculative development concerns in Miami. Through the course of constructing the films he enlisted Nick Klein, Little Annie, TT, Cienfuegos, and Wilted Woman to take part in scoring. This collaboration yielded screenings in Zurich, Berlin, and Miami (at an opera house outside, facing the ocean directly only a few blocks away). As the project enters a stasis, one document prevails openly in the recorded effort of Wilted Woman, concluding the trilogy.
Press / Reviews:
‘Wilted Woman Scores Film on Climate Change, Tropical Malaise’ Resident Advisor

'Electronic roller coaster for 14 minutes on side A and 17 minutes on side B.’
Tobira Records

‘Berlin’s Wilted Woman makes her machines squeal in a crisp cut, spaced-out, but harshly upfront soundtrack for a speculative film set in Miami.

Articulated in a sensitively brute electronic style familiar to her label boss and collaborator Nick Klein, Wilted Woman’s soundtrack for ‘Tropical Malaise’ summons a sense of needling paranoia and dread tension in pronged arps and shatterproof tones that bend from glassy bell tones to filling-dislodging dissonance and curdled silicon.

As more often is the case with new soundtracks, we haven’t seen the visual side yet and can’t really comment on how it relates to the film, directed by Domingo Castillo. But on its own the soundtrack leaves a fierce impression thanks to WW’s tolerance for bittersweet tones and obtuse unpredictability and tendency to sprout knobbly beats out of nowhere.’



This website collects the work of the person known alternately as WILTED WOMAN, DJ PUDDLE, BOBBY MARACUJA, and E DAVIS.


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