NO Recording III

In Vol.1 and 2, group A and the fellow artists composed tracks individually out of carefully but randomly selected stems from unreleased tracks, studio sessions and field recordings of their own past, to see how a new comprehension of the sounds would be created when one point of their past connected to another.

"Vol.3 is an Exquisite Corpse issue!"

The feeling of social isolation during the lockdown in the winter of '20/21 led us to work collectively and collaboratively. We explored the possibilities within the limitation of the concept of NO Recording project and adapted the method of Exquisite corpse.

Invented by the French surrealists in the 1920's, Exquisite corpse is played by several players, each of whom draws or writes a word/sentence on a sheet of paper, folds the paper to conceal it, and passes it on to the next player for further contribution. Complying this playful method to the rule of this project, each track was created by four artists contributing their own individual recorded material from the past. Track titles were also created in the same manner. What you're hearing is the result of music consequences by eight fellow artists/projects.

Horoscope, Nick Klein, Tot Onyx, Wilted Woman - Some Leaky Cocacola Rush

group A, Horoscope, Nick Klein, Wilted Woman - Birthing Cheese Screaming Pure

group A, Horoscope, Nick Klein, Wilted Woman - Corpse Ejaculate During Pool Water

Label: NO Recording
Format: Cassette
27 July 2021