Medieval Massage

02 December 2022


  1. Medieval Massage
  2. Medieval Massage (DJ Oa$i$ Remix)

Label: Fuckpunk
Format: 7” / Digital
Artwork: Ossia


The myth, the legend - Revelation Man is here, unveiling the first chapter in a trilogy of tales from the chamber of darkness, served up on rotating 7" discs via the castle of FuckPunk -

... What can we say?
Maybe we should start by singing {{ 'Medieval Massaaaage - yeah' }} - and then we'll just take it from there. Because truly, this song is all about singing along. It is a singalong sing like you never heard before -

Hard to pin this down to anything really - it's just loose, and quite hilarious. But most definitely also sincere. Basically, this is gay medieval goth pop at it's finest, and to top it off, it comes served with a tinge of DJ Oa$is fuelled Di$co Dub on the B Side.

The vocalist of Revelation Man goes by the name of Ian Memgard - a swedish-swahili Knight residing in Berlin. Here, he rides on horseback with Wilted Woman, who adds sleight of hand and profound extra musical vision to the bassline of these songs - the first of which is being presented right here, in the form of 'Medieval Massage' -

Some of you probably thought it couldn't get any better than DJ Oa$is 'Goat Life' hit from 2K20... Well think again - Revelation Man's Medieval Massage is here, to top it off (and probably also go tops off.)

If you like the sound of this song (why wouldn't you?) then don't delay getting a copy, because only 100 of these discs exist, and once 'Lord Of My Rings' and 'Ghost in My Cathedral' are unleashed in due time, you might be jealous of the early adopters who have already invested in these soon-to-be-classic ditties.


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