Lon Lon Night Vision

31 May 2019


  1. Lon Lon Night Vision
  2. No Stinger
  3. Lon Lon Night Vision (Laurel Halo Remix)

Label: Phantasy
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Artwork: Arnau Sala Saez

Lon Lon Night Vision’ is a creeping, industrial interpretation of acid sounds, peeling away layers of tension to reveal a melody straight from the cold heart of a John Carpenter soundtrack, resolving in uniquely dystopian funk.

‘No Stinger’ immediately unleashes a burrowing, cybernetic ear-worm of a hook, biochemically blossoming into a sublime, undulating landscape of contemporary trance, rich in ideas and sonic euphoria.
Finally, Laurel Halo turns the screws on the original mix of Lon Lon Night Vision, extracting an almost impossibly taut slice of techno, building raw tension towards a blistering rush of electro psychedelia.
Press / Reviews:

‘For freaks only—haphazard techno wrecker for unleashing your inner crazy clown.’
Resident Advisor

‘Berlin’s Wilted Woman puts a keen, gritty spin on her electro-techno styles for Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound, backed with a pumping Detroit-techno remix from Laurel Halo.
Practically gnashing at the heels of her collaborative tape with Nick Klein, ‘Lon Lon Night Vision’ catches WW jamming jagged computer music textures and sub-heavy jack in the acrid pound of her title track, and switch out to a scuzzy sort of electro-trance in ‘No Stinger’. LH follows suit with a kicking remix of ‘Lon Lon Night Vision’.’


This website collects the work of the person known alternately as WILTED WOMAN, DJ PUDDLE, BOBBY MARACUJA, and E DAVIS.


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