LV VA 12-1

Four cuts on an upfront slab of wax for turntable enjoyment ahead of a big compilation entitled ‘LV VA’, which is to be released in due time, showcasing music from over 30 artists, from almost as many locations.

This sampler 12” sneak-previews four of the more energetic, off-kilter (brain) dance tracks ahead of the full release…

For example, the bitcrushed grime of ’Jackpot’, a highly infectious piece of freak music that perfectly defies proper categorisation, produced by the unlikely, but even-better-for-it, pairing of Wilted Woman and Christoph De Babalon, together as SUDS...

Suds - Jackpot

Format: 12”
Artwork: Patch D Keyes
4 November 2020