Wilted Woman etc.

Wilted Woman is the primary music alias of Elizabeth L Davis. Over the last decade, she has been active as a performer, composer, and radio artist. Davis regularly collaborates with Silvia Kastel as Shakey, with Christoph de Babalon as Suds, and with Nick Klein She has released over 20 records to date on labels such as Alien Jams, Primitive Languages/Psychic Liberation, Phantasy, Palto Flats and Stenze Quo. Davis has performed at venues and festivals across Europe and North America including Sonic Acts, Cafe Oto, Transmediale, ZKM, Fylkingen, Meakusma, and Volksbühne, as well as countless basements, clubs, restaurants, and living rooms. In 2020, following years of moonlighting as a sound engineer and technician, she also cofounded Real Surreal, a recording, mixing, and mastering studio with Salka Valsdottir and Bridget Ferrill. Sometimes, she organizes events and releases music on behalf of untergang-institut. Since 2014, she lives in Berlin, Germany and holds down a monthly slot as DJ Puddle on Cashmere Radio.

photo credit: Kasia Zacharko