Home Listener

10 November 2017


  1. Heating Problem
  2. LKA
  3. Bubbling Again
  4. Meat
  5. It’s Easy

Label: Alien Jams
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Artwork: Clifford Sage / Stephen McLaughlin

Alien Jams presents a new release by Wilted Woman called Home Listener. After releasing the amazing "Diary of a Woman" on She Rocks! earlier this year, WW is back with this sublime 5 track EP. From the onset, playful synth patterns mingle and coalesce, spiralling towards dizzy culminations. At times wobbly and disjointed, WW creates stunning compositions that would work magic on the dancefloor. Each track of Home Listener feels like its own paranormal entity, living organisms that develop and grow as the music unfolds.
Press / Reviews:

Wilted Woman's early musical education was in the classical world, against whose strict codes of conduct she often chafed. This rebellious streak—or, as she put it, "the urge to [do] things wrong for no reason"—helps explain the music she makes now. Her dance music has sharp elbows, its rich layering not inducing dance floor transportation so much as frazzled unease. Her debut on Alien Jams, which follows this spring's breakout Diary Of A Woman on She Rocks!, is defined by this quality. It's a record of disorientating density, gut-lurching turns and synth interference that needles at the eardrums. Sometimes it's awkward in a bad way: the brief closer, "It's Easy," is marred by an LFOed bass growl straight out of knock-off dubstep. But mostly, the Berlin-based American seems to know exactly where she's going, even if it's a discomfiting place.

Sometimes initial momentum gets trapped in uncomfortable stasis. (Wilted Woman didn't call her music "anxiety rhythm" for nothing.) On "Heating Problem" this happens to doomy techno, while on "Bubbling Again" it's to a lighter set of phasing arps and resonant-pitched percussion, which in anyone else's hands would make for breezy house. The circa 140 BPM "LKA" doesn't bottle it, instead gleefully overshooting dance floor psychedelia, landing in a pile-up of shrill arps and lurid effects. "Meat" is the exception that proves the EP's contrarian rule, a cosmic 90-BPM chugger that, rather than derailing, erupts in plumes of gorgeous crystalline melody. Resident Advisor

Berlin-based Wilted Woman has been responsible for a number of excellent cassette releases in recent years bearing her glitch-ridden sound of analogue electronics, with one of her finest releases yet coming in the form of a record released via She Rocks! earlier this year called Diary of a Wilted Woman.

Her next release sees her debut on Chloe Frieda's always brilliant Alien Jams label with a five-track record entitled Home Listener. Premiering above is opening track 'Heating Problem', a five-minute foray into sinister bleeps, earworm synth patterns and gritty, characterful hardware techno.

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