Friendly CSA Compilation Part 2

Psychic Liberation presents “Friendly CSA Compilations Parts 1 & 2”. A compilation in two parts consisting of artists orbiting the PL canon from around the world in an effort to raise funds for Roots Unbound Friendly CSA. All proceeds from the compilation in perpetuity are placed with Roots Unbound Friendly CSA program!

Roots Unbound (RU) is an abolitionist grassroots organization based in Brooklyn offering nature-based programming centered around food justice, therapeutic horticulture and ecological disinvestment to people in the NYC area with a focus on supporting and uplifting people impacted by the carceral system.

Friendly CSA is a cooperative, agricultural initiative that was mobilized to respond to the food apartheid within New York jails and prisons. Roots Unbound sends care packages of harvested produce that are
chosen by incarcerated folks via a newsletter sent out every month, by growing and collaborating with local New York City land stewards. This CSA is provided at no cost to the recipients, funds raised for this CSA will be used towards packaging, postage, printed materials for newsletters, and a P.O. box.

Wilted Woman - Turnips

Label: Psychic Liberation
Format: Digi
Artwork: Nick Klein & RJM Vanderheyden
7 May 2021