Wilted Woman / DJ Puddle / E.L. Davis sound-person working between live performance, recorded music, and radio
Berlin, DE

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Solo Releases


“Keychain is ten quickly-mutating pieces that fluctuate between eroding dance tracks and synthetic error messages.”

Label: Unifactor
Format: Cassette
Artwork: Christina Carter
04 June 2021

JedeR Rätsel hat eine Lösung

“Scrapping the beats and going full derangement-synth we are taken on a wild and (I dare say) mystical excursion through an intriguing atmosphere of noxious audio impairments.”

Label: Plastic Bags
Format: CD
Artwork: Ren Schofield
22 May 2020

Tropical Malaise

“Two artists who have consistently orbited among PL have been Domingo Castillo and Wilted Woman. In 2017, Castillo began commissioning scores for what we be a trilogy of films utilizing sourced footage, text, and
sound that gave commentary and reflection on environmental and speculative development concerns in Miami. Through the course of constructing the films he enlisted Nick Klein, Little Annie, TT, Cienfuegos, and Wilted Woman to take part in scoring. This collaboration yielded screenings in Zurich, Berlin, and Miami (at an opera house outside, facing the ocean directly only a few blocks away). As the project enters a stasis, one document prevails openly in the recorded effort of Wilted Woman, concluding the trilogy.”

Label: Psychic Liberation
Format: 12”
02 December 2019

Lon Lon Night Vision

“‘Lon Lon Night Vision’ is a creeping, industrial interpretation of acid sounds, peeling away layers of tension to reveal a melody straight from the cold heart of a John Carpenter soundtrack, resolving in uniquely dystopian funk.

‘No Stinger’ immediately unleashes a burrowing, cybernetic ear-worm of a hook, biochemically blossoming into a sublime, undulating landscape of contemporary trance, rich in ideas and sonic euphoria.
Finally, Laurel Halo turns the screws on the original mix of Lon Lon Night Vision, extracting an almost impossibly taut slice of techno, building raw tension towards a blistering rush of electro psychedelia.”

Label: Phantasy
Format: 12”
Artwork: Arnau Sala Saez
31 May 2019