Diary of a Woman

27 April 2017


  1. Trudeau (Dither)
  2. Tick
  3. Jaeger
  4. LV
  5. Somehow
  6. Warmer
  7. Fred vom Jupiter* (digital bonus)

Label: She Rocks!
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Artwork: V Manuscript, James K

The self-described “anxiety rhythm” of Berlin’s Wilted Woman, dissects the internal processes of technology through post-industrial glitch, punk, and cut-and-copy aesthetics. Barely audible vocals, transmissions, sine waves, 8-bit melodies and pots and pans-like beats intensify the effects of contemporary life on its audience by looking beyond the HD facades to the machines that made them.

The young New York native has already released a large catalog of music through a variety of casette-based labels throughout the US and Europe and has toured exstensively, which has garnered her attention from a thriving underground community as well as larger electronic arenas.

Her debut 12”, ‘Diary of a Woman,’ will be released by She Rocks! in 2017. It includes the "definitive recordings" of four live set classics and two more recent experiments (Lv, Trudeau (dither)), recorded over 2015-2016 in Providence, Montreal, and Berlin. For freaky heads only…
Press / Reviews:

Eel Burn, AKA DJ Puddle, AKA Wilted Woman, makes wonderfully weird machine music. It's been released through cassette labels like Wicked City, Primitive Languages and birdFriend—outlets largely unknown outside of niche tape-swapping circles. Wilted Woman tracks incorporate musique concrète, abstract noise and compelling rhythms that sound alien but could still make you dance. They're full of wrong sounds, something she picked up by rebelling against playing her violin properly in her youth. Wilted Woman prefers unorthodox methods of music making, and her records often evolve from jams. They're loose extensions of her often improvised live performances. Diary Of A Woman is her first vinyl release, and it features four recordings from shows, plus two newer works.

The record bursts into life with "Trudeau (Dither)," one of the new pieces. It's exuberant, like a dawn chorus of twittering analog gear. "LV," the other new track, is a spoken-word mantra, where the words "love," "hope," "compassion," "joy" and "unity" bounce around a simulated echo chamber. Wilted Woman can be playful and political at once (check out her album, Bad Seeds), and "LV" is another good example of this.

The other tracks are more dance floor-friendly. The arpeggiated "Tick" feels orderly for Wilted Women (until the end, that is). "Jaeger" is a fantastic mix of sad and angry noise, where beats get you moving while jangled synths and other oddities keep you wary. "Somehow" and "Warmer" are the record's best and weirdest tracks. They both sound like recordings that have melted in the sun. "Somehow" has a load of awkward swirling parts, including a molten melody, colliding. "Warmer" is a banging sci-fi techno track that could be an early Jeff Mills or Planetary Assault Systems production that's warped over time. This is wrong dance music done right.
Resident Advisor

The accompanying information for Wilted Woman’s debut 12" maintains that it is “For freaky heads only”. Fitting words to describe the Berlin based producer’s oddball sound – this is music made to realign and confuse body and mind. Diary Of A Woman follows a nonlinear path – intense rhythms build and drop off the map and paranoid synths stroll with a hyperactive bounce before disappearing into the distance. Sometimes her productions are less frantic, more strange and spacious. “LV” is particularly delightful in its minimalist nature. A monotone voice repeats words, “Welcome”, “Compassion”, “U-u-uu-u-nity” – getting stuck in a loop on the last word. Elsewhere, a steady kick drum will appear and pierce through 8-bit melodies. The EP has a videogame soundtrack quality to it, using cinematic key changes in a rough, driving way.
The Wire


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